Nutrition Advice - Advice Regarding Racing / Performance / Stud Nutrition
Ranvet’s team of nutritionists and technical staff travel extensively throughout Australia and internationally, providing technical support and consultation to individual stables, studs and horse owners.

Consultation, Diet Evaluation and Formulation
A complimentary diet evaluation service is offered to determine if the nutritional requirements are being met by the daily ration. Ranvet’s nutritionists evaluate the current diet and if required, formulate a recommended diet to be provided in a report as well as providing ongoing support to answer any questions which may arise.

Pasture and/or Grain Analysis Service
Ranvet can also provide a pasture and grain analysis service, through which samples of grain or pasture can be analysed for nutritional content to enable the formulation of an appropriate diet.

Gastric Video Endoscopy Service
Ranvet offer a free gastric video endoscopy service* to confirm the presence and aid in the effective treatment of gastric ulcers. *Note: veterinarian required for operation of endoscope.

Educational Seminars
Our nutritionists can visit your college or university, vet clinic, store, society or club event/competition to deliver education and feeding advice on a wide range of topics specific to the audience knowledge, age and discipline.

In-store Consultations
Ranvet provides a thorough diet analysis service in person, at your local horse/feed store or saddlery. Bookings are taken in advance so that you can ‘ask the expert’ and have your horse’s ration balanced before your eyes.

Staff Training
Take advantage of our new staff training service! Let our nutritionists provide your staff with simple product information and item comparisons in an informal, 15 minute presentation. You will be sure to have product flying off the shelves!.