Ranvet Stakes

A big thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate the 25th running of the Ranvet Stakes!! We all had a fabulous day up in the Baguette Room and a very big congratulations to the winners of the Ranvet Stakes;   Horse: Contributer Owner: Godolphin Trainer: John O'Shea Jockey: James McDonald  

Ranvet Newsletter

Winter Feeding As winter sets in and temperatures begin to drop, some changes in your horses ration may be required. Horses are well adapted to cope with climatic extremes and have an innate ability to seek shelter and suitable feedstuffs. This ability will help to cope with harsh climatic variables such as sub-zero temperatures and ice cold winds. However, domestication has seen horses confined to a stable or paddock in which they are unable to exercise this ability and must therefore rely on the feed and shelter provided. A horses coat is the first line of defence against the cold.