Foliphos- How should it be used?

The provision of Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), folic acid and butaphosphan (organic phosphorus) is pivotal to the needs of the exercising horse. Most importantly, the various roles in red blood cell synthesis and energy production/utilisation. (more…)

Key Steps to Optimal Recovery

Optimal recovery post exercise or racing enables your horses to continue to train and perform at peak levels. Poor recovery from racing or exercise can lead to horses ‘training off’, injury, sub-optimal racing performance and may affect future racing longevity. Strenuous exercise affects many areas of body function; muscle function & damage, blood acid base balance, fluid & electrolyte loss and energy storage.  Ensuring adequate nutrition enables the replenishment, repair and recovery of all these processes is critical to overall well being and optimal performance of your horse. (more…)